Monique and Quentin

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11 days until the big day!

Our Story

It is said that love awakens the soul. It is a rollercoaster ride of beautiful, almost overwhelming emotions to be shared. They say that love is a burning fire in our hearts towards another living being. For Quentin & Monique, love is responding to a random, 5:30 am “Good Morning” message on a dating app. It only took Monique three minutes to respond to her future husband, and this goes to show that love knows even before we do.
As their friendship developed, Quentin found a true companion. A woman who enjoys watching football and cares about getting to know his qualities and flaws. It is difficult to ignore a person whose presence is a source of genuine happiness, and they soon realized that it was never about what they were doing, but the simple fact that they were doing it together.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing.” He also finds a seemingly impossible task: surprising a woman who knows everything. After buying the ring in October 2020, Quentin plotted on the perfect Christmas Day surprise. The best proposals never go exactly as planned-- Monique managed to read her Christmas card so quickly that she missed his obvious hints of their future. But at that moment, a flustered Quentin dropped to his knee and popped the question to a very shocked Monique who really would have been content with the Air Pods she asked for.

As they await their wedding day, Quentin & Monique both agree that their commitment to marriage outweighs every other wedding detail including color palettes and stationery designs. Putting a seal on their dating journey and beginning a new one as husband and wife will add colorful chapters to the pages of their beautiful love story. The prayers, support, and genuine well-wishes from family and friends are vital as this couple counts down to October 14, 2022, where the world officially experiences #morTONSofLove <3